Semicentenial traditions and experience guarantee quality!

The Alba-Team Company was founded in 1965 and entered the market with bacterial starter cultures production. Since the first day in business, we have been perfecting the production, cooperating with the Milk and Meat Technological Institute (Ukraine). Consequently, our company is today one of the largest producers of PEPTONE low-fat cheese powder used in national food industries throughout the CIS countries.

PEPTONE is a high-quality raw material in the form of a low-fat dry cheese powder used in the food industry.

Product exclusivity

We produce PEPTONE based on high protein milk harvested in an ecologically clean area. Our processing method implies the utilization of the most advanced drying and crushing machines. We historically record laboratory tests (incoming control) of the milk received and the subsequent step-by-step product manufacturing quality control results. This tested routine excludes deviations from regulations and standards to receive the dry cheese powder of the highest class. Thanks to the routine complex “incoming raw material control – step-by-step production control – final product control,” PEPTONE from Alba-TEAM shows high nutritional values.

Our customers are manufacturing companies producing:

  • processed and analogue cheese;
  • sausage products;
  • snack products (crisps, croutons, pillows, nuts);
  • extrusion products.

Our product is also used in restaurants, fast food networks, cafes, and pizzerias.

Apart from the improved quality of final products, the demand for PEPTONE (dry cheese powder) is also defined by a long storage period (6 months), ease of transportation, and economic indicators of cost optimization for manufacturers who use PEPTONE.

Sales territory and volumes

Our own production base has large capacities and logistics infrastructure allowing us to provide high-quality products in any volumes in a timely manner. We never experience difficulties while fulfilling large orders, as we use the latest technological solutions and organize production taking into account peak demands and unplanned loads. Our clients are located in all the CIS countries and we strive to expand our sales market.

Our mission is to improve people’s health by manufacturing an environmentally safe natural product used in the food production industry. It allows improving the quality of cheese, sausages, and snacks and reducing the manufacturers’ production costs at the same time. All this is achieved thanks to PEPTONE dry cheese powder which is convenient and inexpensive to store and transport, and in addition, its use significantly reduces energy consumption and labor effort.